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PLEASE NOTE  -  I am not taking any further bookings for the TRIO or QUARTET

My groups have included my  jazz trio and jazz quartet as well as my 5-piece band - 45north which is the only current project

My goal is to exceed your musical expectations, work hard to entertain and for everyone to have fun. 


The trio played a wedding reception at Montebello in Oct 2013 - "We really enjoyed the music. People kept on raving about it.  I looked over at my grandmother a couple of times and I could see her just listening to you guys play with a smile on her face.  We think the music was the highlight of the wedding and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your performance."    Maria & Mark

Comment from a fan listening in England:  "Absolutely stunning instrumental music and a really outstanding talent, keep up the truly fantastic work, you are amazing! Loved all your beautiful tracks, really professional. God Bless you! Thanks for sharing your wonderful gifts with the world. My very best wishes to you from Reading in England,"  Rob.

On Oct 25, 2014, I played in my 'solo' for cocktails and the trio played for the wedding dinner:

" did an amazing job.  The music was great and we got great feedback from all our guests.

It was a pleasure working with you."  Thanks, D&N

I can be reached at my email address:

or phone  613-833-3509

Alternate Takes at the 2007 Ottawa Jazz Festival

We now have our second CD out 'URBAN SUNFLOWER' with our official release concert at Merrickville's Jazz Festival, Oct 13, 2018 but for now I've posted two tunes from our first CD - 'Sum Of The Parts'.  Check out the Alternate Takes web site for info -

Cowboy Bebop is a tune written and arranged for us by David Braid

Blue Jeans was written and arranged by Rob Lussier for Alternate Takes

I play baritone sax [alto in the photo above] in a 9-piece band called Alternate Takes and we are presently working on getting our second CD of jazz tunes completed.  The band name comes from our repertoire which consists of 'our take' on great jazz tunes. Most of our repertoire is original arrangements either by our leader - Jean Trudel - or by other arrangers who have done charts just for us. 

The band includes 5 horns - trumpet, trombone, tenor sax, alto sax, baritone sax - and a rhythm section of - piano, guitar, bass, drums and with this instrumentation we have our own very unique sound.  We have performed at the Ottawa jazz festival and other venues around Ottawa and we would be delighted to play for your event.  

Alternate Takes issued a second CD in 2018 - Urban Flower - with a concert at Merrickville's Jazz Fest.  Details and purchase information can be found at

Check out my sextet featuring a core of  Canadian tunes - 45north - click the heading just above......


Original tunes [socan]

Saturday, Oct 18, 2014 

was the official release of the CD

Imaginary Squirrels

the official release happened at our concert at Merrickville's Jazz Fest.  The quartet performed a few of these new tunes and the audience very much enjoyed the show  

The CD contains 7 tunes and you can 

listen anddownload tunes from  my Soundcloud page or contact me 

The first 7 tunes below are on the CD - click the titles

   East Side Quartet performed at the Ottawa Jazz Festival in June 2015 and we played a number of these tunes -  videos posted below...

     Here's a few older tunes as well...

Satin Under Moonlight was the #1 requested tune for many weeks during 2014 and 2015 on Outbound Music's 'Gravity' streaming channel.  How cool is that!!

Check out my Soundcloud page at - 

Ottawa, Ontario, K4C1B8    613-882-8464

Thanks for visiting my web site.  I'm an Ottawa-based jazz musician.  I play saxophone - alto, baritone, soprano and tenor 

If you are looking for a jazz band, 45north, my 5-piece band is great for events such as conventions, conferences, festivals or private parties where you would like your guests to enjoy wonderful jazz with a core repertoire consisting of Canadian music.  

PLEASE NOTE - I am not taking any further bookings for the TRIO or QUARTET 


And for something completely different

ACOUSTIC FRONTIERS is a radio program that airs music from the realm of electroacoustic, acousmatic and computer processed sounds

Each Monday at 12:30 pm until 2:00pm I host/produce Acoustic Frontiers on CKCU FM, 93.1 fm in Ottawa with both live streaming and 'On Demand Archive' on the internet at   For a very different radio experience, tune in and have a listen to cutting edge electroacoustic and computer-based sounds that composers have been creating since the mid-1900's. 

      Michael Lalonde photography    


3 of the photos above are by Michael from a wedding reception.  Get in touch with Michael if you are looking for a great photographer for your reception.

3 videos from the 2015 Ottawa Jazz Festival below.  Ed Stevens, guitar; Paul Soble, bass; Matt Aston, drums and many thanks to Jean Trudel for his work on the videos.

It's unfortunate about the sound but the venue, The Rideau Centre Stage, is far from perfect for sound recording but we're glad to have the videos regardless!