I have been collecting only since 2009 but my first pocket watch came to me many years ago from my father and from his father.  It is a silver watch that was made in England and was probably a low priced watch in it's day but is now priceless to me.  I also now have a couple of dress pocket watches that have come to me from my wife's family - an 18S Elgin and a 12S Longines - that belonged to my wife's grandfather and great grandfather - again, a couple of priceless additions to my collection.

Since I have an interest in Canadian Railways, as you will see from my model railway page, when I became interested in pocket watches it seemed only natural that I would mostly confine my collection to watches that would or might have been used on Canadian Railways.  Thus, almost every watch that I have has certain features that would make them 'RR Grade' and 'Approved' for use by Canadian railway men on the CPR and the CNR as well as all the other lines in the various parts of Canada including the NAR that I also have a special interest in.  These pocket watches were among the best quality watches available since they were required to keep excellent time.

There are several characteristics that qualify a pocket watch from 100 years ago as eligible for use by employees on Canadian railways. 

Two of the most obvious are the 24hr dial and open face.  While the 24hr dial was not a requirement east of Thunder Bay, I like the look of these dials.  And, while some Canadian railways were accepting grandfathered hunter cased watches through to about 1910, most required the open face case. 

After that, the watch needed to be lever set and have at least a 17 jewel movement.  These two characteristics meant the watch would be very accurate and that the time could not be accidentally reset.  In fact, the early 18 size RR pocket watches could be hunter cased as well!

From about 1890 RR pocket watches in North America need to have several features.  In part due to a bad train wreck, it was important that they keep accurate time and could not be accidentally reset while in use.  Two things were required for this: one, the winding stem, which had been used to set time by pulling up on the stem was changed to being just a winding mechanism; and two, a lever was now required to allow the hands to be moved to change time.  The lever could only be accessed by removing the front cover of the watch.  And, of course, there are always exceptions to the rule so some of the earlier manufactured watches with, for example stem set, were grandfathered into service.

While the Hamilton Watch Company was formed in 1892 to make RR approved watches, the existing companies such as Waltham and Elgin began manufacturing them as well.  The Ball Watch Company also was in the game but did not manufacture watches, instead, they ordered them based on their own specifications from other companies.  Thus, some of the earliest and best RR watches have these companies names on them.

In Canada, The CNR and CPR ordered watches and some of the most desirable are the ones that the CPR ordered from Waltham - the 'Canadian Railway Time Service' and the CPR 'crest' watches.  Some of these had the 24 hour dials.  These watches were from the very popular Waltham models 1883, 1892 and the 1902 models that were produced to about 1920.

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The pocket watches that I have date from approximately 1885 through to about 1960.  During the mid-1900's wrist watches became established and gradually replaced the pocket watch for daily use on the railways.  

I am not a dealer or retailer.  Watches posted here are from my personal collection.  I have always tried to purchase watches that were in very good condition and all are in running condition but likely not recently serviced.  Email me if you would like more info and additional photos or would like to make an offer.  

Note that I will only ship to Canada and USA and at additional cost


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Waltham CRTS mod 1892
Waltham CRTS mod 1892

These two CRTS [Canadian Railway Time Service] watches are very special and specifically made for the CPR over 100 years ago.  Both are in exceptional condition for this age, are in good running condition and a must have for anyone looking for Canadian RR pocket watches.

Waltham CRTS mod 1892     18S  17J  OF  LS      24 hr Arabic/Roman dial               #16151862   c1908                              


Waltham 1892 model 'Made For' Canadian Railway Time Service, 17 jewels made in 1908, a rare 2 star watch

Movement: black engraving ‘Made for Canadian Railway Time Service Waltham, Mass, Adjusted 5 positions, 17 Jewels,  16151862’ the all original movement is very beautiful! The movement has a high grade regulator, beautiful damaskeened, solid gold balance weights, and solid gold jewel cups.  This watch was serviced June 2012 (all parts removed, cleaned, inspected, new mainspring, oiled, and adjusted), the watch is in very good running condition.

Dial:  Double Sunk, Black ‘WALTHAM’, black Arabic 1-12 and black Roman 13-24 all on outer chapter, original dial is in very nice condition, excellent blued spade hands, a couple of very small chips - one at lever set position [2 hr mark] and at ‘50’ in the seconds chapter - specific photos are available of these areas

Case: a very beautiful silver snap on display case, 2 excellent condition high beveled edge glass crystals, tight bow, excellent crown - perfect for showing off this beautiful movement without having to take off the back cover.


 Waltham CRTS model 1883            18S 17J SW SS           24hr dial        

  #7711816  c1896            SELL  PRICE  [Canadian] $1200 [plus shipping]

Waltham, model 1883 with barrel plate marked, "Made for Canadian Railway Time Service," 18S, SW-SS, WE DSD with Canadian market 24 hour indications in red,

Movement: black engraving ‘Made For Canadian Railway Time Service 17 jewels safety pinion adjusted 7711816’ good running condition, good balance motion, good poise, fine mvt condition overall with some very light service marks, minimal cloudiness, anomalous damascene, lever escapement, gold jewel settings, arcaded pattern NI damascene, barrel plate with sunburst and florette pattern, the barrel plate is a non-matching damascene pattern, but the plate bears the identical serial number tail "A1816," and therefore the mvt was made that way at the factory, and the inconsistency was production generated. 

Dial: black lettering ‘American Waltham Watch Co black Arabic 1-12, red Roman 12-24 perfect, mint luster; hands in fine purple

Case: A.W.C.Co cross Sterling 737970 with 3 below, heavy sterling silver OF original SB&B case shows light even wear, no dents, minor wear nicks here and there; bow tight and bearing English hallmark, crown shows light wear; good glass crystal fine original example.

Howard & Co. “SERIES 10”    16S 21J    OF LS     24hr Montgomery dial

#1278xxx        c1914                       SOLD

Movement: black engraving “Howard Watch Co. U.S.A Series 10, 21 Jewels Extra Adjustment Five Positions Temperature Pat’D’10” with ‘arrow/star’ winds, sets and is running with good motion, stem wind and lever set, nickel 21 jewel signed movement BRG, DR

Dial: good hands - plum hour spade and minute whip, signed enamel “Howard” Montgomery dial in good condition with light hairlines at 8, 23 and 34 minutes, black Arabic 1-12, small red Arabic 13-24 also on outer chapter, full Montgomery style with 18 in lower part of seconds chapter

Case: in wonderful condition, lightly worn but functional crown, good stem, sleeve and tight bow, in its original hinged double back case with outside of inner back signed E. Howard Watch Co. Boston around outer circle, yellow gold filled “Keystone Extra 1030340” open face case, back cover is plain and polished, case numbers matching


It has taken a few years for me to gather good examples of all 4 of the 'The Studebaker' watches manufactured by South Bend.  While I have enjoyed them for a while now I have decided to see if I can sell them as a group to someone who will appreciate these wonderful RR watches.  There are two 18 size and two 16 size watches.  [Note that 'The Studebaker' is a different and better quality watch than those manufactured as 'Studebaker'.  This can be confusing]

South Bend ‘The Studebaker’ 323    18S 17J    #533256       1908

South Bend ‘The Studebaker’ 329    18S 21J    #634846       1910

South Bend ‘The Studebaker’ 223    16S 17J    #727746       1912

South Bend ‘The Studebaker’ 229    16S 21J    #753308       1912


South Bend ‘The Studebaker’ Model 323    OF LS   18S  17J           12hr dial

#5332xx          c1908

Circa 1908, Lever Set, Adjusted 5 Positions, gold screw down jewel settings, Marked Grade 323 and "The Studebaker", RR Grade/Approved this is a rare find...the beautiful 18 Size 323 "The Studebaker"! This model is almost impossible to find, as well as one of the most desirable of the 4 "The Studebakers"

Movement... a very scarce gold engraving ‘South Bend Watch Co 323 "The Studebaker" South Bend Ind 17 jewels adjusted to temp & 5 positions 533256’  marked movement is one of the most beautiful South Bends ever made, was their highest grade, checker damaskeening, watch has seen very little use, still tight and the movement scratch free, running well, and has been checked and regulated [2014], in lightly used condition, the best of the best, very hard to find signed Grade 323 "The Studebaker" in very good condition.  This 17-Jewel 323 is even more uncommon than the 21-Jewel 329 

Dial... script ‘South Bend’ double sunk 1-12 black Arabic with red 5 minutes, purple spade hour and poker minute hands, two light hl at 11 and 4 that cannot even be seen in picture, rare South Bend dial in great condition

Case: recased in a beautiful Philadelphia 10K ‘Victory’ warranted ten years #880841 YGF RR Case with a fancy back sporting a shield, SB&B, in very good condition, tight bow, good crown, new glass crystal, matching case numbers, beautiful edging around the outside

South Bend ‘The Studebaker’ grade 329    18S 21J   OF LS     12hr dial

#6348xx          c 1910

A very rare and beautiful south bend "The Studebaker" model, grade 329, model 2

Movement: lever set, gold lettering engraved ‘South Bend Watch Co, 329 Trade Mark The Studebaker South Bend Ind. Safety Pinion, 21 Jewels, adjusted to Temp & 5 Positions, Double Roller, 634846’ model 2, GJS, winding and running great

Dial:  marginal minutes Montgomery style dial with no number in the seconds area, not 24 hour dial, very light hairline at 5:30, black spade minute hand, plumb spade hour hand 

Case: unengraved swing out ‘Patented Trade Mark’ – star & crescent moon #3130 high bevel edge glass crystal with one light chip on the edge - the chip is still in place - so there is no indent, case numbers match, bezel operates properly as does the swing out, bow tight and crown operates easily

South Bend The Studebaker Model 223     16S 17J   OF LS           12hr dial

#7277xx          c1912

Movement:  gold engraving ‘South Bend Watch Co USA The Studebaker 223 adjusted to temp & 5 positions double roller safety pinion 727746’ checker damaskeening and bright wheels without scratches, raised gold jewel settings, gold train, Mod #2 bridge

Dial: South Bend, black Arabic DS 12 hour has 1 hl by 11, extremely faint hairlines radiating from the centre post, matching black spade hour and poker minute hands, glass crystal, dial has the unique "curves" on the 10 11 12 and 1

Case:  Keystone, J Boss guaranteed 20 yr #5595947, tight bow, good crown, plain back and edges, SB&B, glass crystal, matching case numbers, could be original, looks new

South Bend    The Studebaker 229     16S 21J     LS OF              12hr dial

#7533xx          c1912

Movement:  gold engraving ‘South Bend Watch Co USA `The Studebaker’ 229, double roller, safety pinion, adjusted to temp and 5 positions, 21J, #753308’ Model 2, nickel plates, double roller, 5 position, LS, GRO, swirl pattern nickel damascene, fine-plus cosmetic mvt condition overall, balance jewel setting and fourth wheel jewel setting are brass replacements, light patches of oxide on steelwork with the most notable profusion being at the perimeter of the larger winding wheel, plates with a few typical fine and micro-fine scratches;

Dial: ‘SOUTH BEND’ marginal minutes, 1-12, white enamel DS, with hls near 2 and 3, and 6, near mint blued hands

Case: Illinois watch case co, 10k rolled gold plate, 7584539 with matching case numbers, back and bezel screw on/off easy, shows very little wear, no dents or dings, sharp engraving detail; tight bow, crown shows little wear; good glass crystal.